Top 4 Reasons Residential Roofs Fail

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No one wants to think their roof will fail, but it can and does happen, especially as it gets on in age. That’s why maintenance, inspections and repairs are so important. Another important factor is hiring a reputable roofer to install your roof in the first place. From poor workmanship to poor product quality, there are many reasons why residential roofs fail. Here are the top four.

1.     Poor Ventilation

Good ventilation ensures the health of your roof. Make sure you have an adequate ventilation system designed to push heat and moisture out during the summer, which will minimize expansion due to temperature changes. Plus, it will keep your attic cooler throughout the year. Trapped moisture can be caused by anything from inadequate attic ventilation to rodent invasion to damaged shingles. Poor ventilation can cause a multitude of problems, such as mold and mildew, the development of ice dams, formation of rust on structural metals, saggy decking, increased wear and tear on AC and heating, and a shorter roof life span.

2.     Poor Installation

Whether as part of new construction or a home renovation, it’s vital that your home improvement project is performed by someone who knows what they’re doing. Even if they use the best materials, the roof will not function correctly or last as long as it should if it’s been improperly installed. Your roof must be installed right the first time by a contractor who is licensed and insured, and who boasts many years of experience. Don’t be afraid to check up on any contractor you’re considering. If they are reputable, they will provide you with this information, no problem.

3.     Low Quality Materials

When choosing roofing materials, you should always take more than cost into consideration. Even if the cheaper products look appealing to you or if they fit into your budget better, remember: you get what you pay for. Low cost generally equates with low quality. When you take the plunge now to invest in higher quality materials, you will save yourself money and headaches down the line. Your roof will last longer and won’t be subjected to quite so many repairs or leaks. Consider roofing costs an investment in your home’s future.

4.     Low Quality Flashing

Likewise, low quality flashing will translate to more problems. You must take steps now to protect the protrusions where exhaust pipes, dormers and chimneys connect to the roof – all areas that are prone to leaks and other issues. Metal flashings are the ideal way to seal these areas. Avoid using caulk or any other type of sealant, which can degrade over time.

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