Andy, Fort Worth, TX

Dear Patrick,

I would like to express my appreciation for the new roof you put on my home. I had called at least 16 roofing companies when I needed to replace my damaged roof. I was amazed, out of all the ones I called, only five called me back, and out of that group, only three actually looked at my roof. Only two called back to see if I had made a decision.

I was really shocked when I received their quotes to do the work that was needed. Although, I realized that every condition is different, most of the companies requested the money upfront, even before the job was completed! Not only was your estimate good, it was the best I received. For some reason, the other ones quoted so much more materials that were not even needed to do the job.

Patrick, you and your staff were very professional from start to finish. The project was completed as you promised, in one day. That is very impressive in my opinion. You also made me feel that I have made a long-term business and personal relationship with you and your company. I was also very pleased that you were able to meet me on my terms, both financially and when you looked at my roof. I am very busy with my career and very little time to spend waiting on people.

I would highly recommend your services to anyone. In the event that something were to happen to my roof again, you definitely would be the first and only one I call. It is very comforting to know that the world still has people and companies that can be trusted and depended on when needed.

Patrick, again, “Thank You” for a job well done.

Andy C.Fort Worth, TX