5 Most Common Roofing Materials in Fort Worth

Contemplating the addition of a new roof on your Fort Worth home? Well, the decision may seem a little daunting due to all the material choices out there. But with the right guidance and research, you can make an educated decision. The five most common roofing materials in Fort Worth and surrounding areas include:   … Continue reading “5 Most Common Roofing Materials in Fort Worth”

What’s Heavier: Metal Roofs or Shingles?

  You probably thought to yourself: the answer is metal. But you would be incorrect! While it seems as though metal is the heavier material, despite its strength and durability, metal roofing is actually one of the lightest weight roofing types you can invest in. Steel (the heaviest type of metal roof material) weighs 1.5-pounds … Continue reading “What’s Heavier: Metal Roofs or Shingles?”

4 Most Common Reasons For Roof Repairs in Fort Worth

Lots of things can cause the need for roof repairs, from pests to weather. Some things you can control, such as hiring an experienced Fort Worth TX roofer, but other things you just can’t, particularly when it comes to the wrath of Mother Nature. It’s helpful to know how to spot these common signs of … Continue reading “4 Most Common Reasons For Roof Repairs in Fort Worth”

10 Ways to Help Maintain Your Roof in Fort Worth

Your roof system is a major investment, providing years of protection from the elements and helping to ensure a comfortable living environment for you and your family. But, just like many components of your home, it needs regular maintenance to perform at its best. We’ve compiled a list of annual and semiannual tasks to help … Continue reading “10 Ways to Help Maintain Your Roof in Fort Worth”

How to Protect Your Roof When Stringing Up Christmas Lights

With the holidays coming, you may be gearing up for your best Clark Griswold impression as you envision your home as a blinding festival of lights. While the end result may be worth all the hassle, you have to be careful during the process so you don’t damage your roof while stringing up the lights. … Continue reading “How to Protect Your Roof When Stringing Up Christmas Lights”

Top 5 Most Common Roofing Problems and What to Do About Them

The median age of most homes in Forth Worth, Texas, is 31 years. It may seem like an insignificant statistic, but it’s an important one. The age of your home is a good indication of how old your roof is. The average lifespan of a typical roof is 20 years. This will vary depending on the … Continue reading “Top 5 Most Common Roofing Problems and What to Do About Them”

Benefits of a Resilient Roofing System

Resiliency is an important feature to have in a roof. But what does it mean to have a resilient roofing system? What value does this kind of roof hold for the average business owner? Well, when your business overall is resilient, you can more readily withstand disruptions, fortify yourself against breaches, and endure extreme conditions. … Continue reading “Benefits of a Resilient Roofing System”

What to Consider Before Skylight Installation

If you’ve been considering skylight installation, you may be wondering who to call for more information and if your roof can even support this type of project. First of all, roofers handle skylight installation so your first call should be to a trusted roofing company in Fort Worth like Ferris Roofing. Your roofer can come … Continue reading “What to Consider Before Skylight Installation”