The 5 Worst Commercial Roofing Problems

roofer shingles on new house roof

When you think roof problems, your mind probably goes right to residential roofs. You may think that all roofing contractors are the same and that they can all address problems that affect both residential and commercial roofing. But if you own a business, it’s important to focus on roofers who specialize in commercial roofing, as the two can be very different.

You should know the common problems that can occur with commercial roofing so you can take better care of your roof and building. Here are some of the worst commercial roofing problems you may encounter as a property manager or business owner.

1.     Leaky Roof

A leaky roof is one of the most common things to happen to commercial and industrial roofs. Many factors can cause this damage, from age to the weather. Leaks happen when damage, such as rips and tears, let in moisture from rain. If you don’t immediately address the damage, the leak will only get worse and compromise the integrity of your roofing system and interior. Be on the lookout for spots of mold, discoloration, or odors.

2.     Water Ponding

Ponding water, also known as standing water, occurs when your roof does not have adequate drainage. If you don’t clean your gutters and downspouts regularly, clogging can happen, then the water backs up and collects on your flat roof. All that heavy water just sitting on the roof can lead to leaks or worse. Clean up ponding water as soon as you notice it; otherwise, you could compromise the structural integrity of your building.

  1. Storm Damage

Storm damage is more than simple water damage. It involves damage arising from hail or high winds, which, if left unchecked, can lead to further, more serious problems with your roof.

4.     Mechanical Damage

If you have equipment on your roof, such as HVAC systems, vents and pipes, you run the risk of mechanical damage. If not addressed right away, it can lead to more serious issues.

  1. Aging Membrane

    Most commercial or industrial roofs last between 15 and 20 years before having to be replaced.  This will depend on many factors, however, such as your climate and weather, how well you take care of your roof, major storms, and more. But even if your roof is well-maintained, it will eventually need to be replaced or repaired as the years wear on. Always consider the age of your roof when taking on additional maintenance tasks and repairs. Budget roof replacement into your business plan as you approach the 15- to 20-year mark.

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