What to Consider Before Skylight Installation


If you’ve been considering skylight installation, you may be wondering who to call for more information and if your roof can even support this type of project. First of all, roofers handle skylight installation so your first call should be to a trusted roofing company in Fort Worth like Ferris Roofing.

Your roofer can come out to inspect your home, make recommendations, give you a price, and schedule the work.

Benefits of Skylights

There are several advantages to installing a skylight in your home. They usually go in large rooms, such as living rooms and great rooms, but they can be installed in kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms where standard windows may not fit.

1.    Natural Light

The biggest benefit of skylights is clear: the addition of natural light. Did you know that a skylight can give your home 5x more light than standard windows? This natural light source can liven up any room in your home, to be sure, but it also allows you to reduce your reliance on artificial lighting, which saves you money on energy bills. If your home has been feeling dark and drab, a skylight can instantly open up the space.

2.    Ventilation

You can choose either a manual or remote-controlled vented skylight, which allow you to circulate fresh air whenever you please. This feature is great for kitchens and bathrooms where cooking or showering can produce a lot of steam. Ventilation improves indoor air quality, which is good for humans and pets.

3.    Energy Savings

More natural light means you don’t need to turn on the lights or heat during transitional periods. With roof skylights, you don’t have to use as many lights, and you don’t have to turn on the heat in spring and fall because the sun warms up your home for you. Reducing HVAC usage is a big money saver.

4.    Higher Resale Value

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future, the addition of a skylight adds value to your property, giving potential buyers that “wow” factor.

5.    Health Benefits

Natural light is known to improve mood. In fact, increased natural light and ventilation will increase your vitamin B and D levels, boost your immune system, and improve your quality of life, especially if you’re prone to feeling gloomy in the off season.

6.    Privacy

You may love windows for their natural light and ventilation benefits, but you may value your privacy even more. Standard windows located at eye level can compromise your privacy, especially if you live very close to your neighbors or along a busy street. But worry not; you can still get the natural light and circulation you need with a roof skylight. Even in the most private and intimate areas of your home, such as the bathroom and bedroom, you can install a skylight on the roof and no one can look in.


Now, you may wonder: is my home a good candidate for a skylight? Truth is, not every home qualifies. Your roof has to be able to support the added weight of the skylight. In general, stick-framed roofs better support the addition of a skylight because the rafters are spread apart. However, truss-framed roofing systems weren’t designed for modification after initial installation and a skylight could compromise their structural integrity. Your roofer can discuss your type of roof and if it can support a project like this.

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