Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover a New Roof?

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After a big storm significantly damages your home, you may ask yourself, “Will my homeowners insurance cover a new roof?” The answer will depend on your specific policy and the previous state of your home. Ferris Roofing can help you establish motivation for an insurance company to replace or repair your roof, but your specific homeowner’s insurance coverage will be necessary to make it all happen.

When Will Your Homeowners Insurance Cover a New Roof?

After your house has received major damage from a storm, the first step is to call your insurance agent and ask about the steps you need to take to file a claim. Ask what help is available to you and inquire about exclusions. This way, you won’t go through all the trouble of installing a new roof only to learn that the work doesn’t even fall under your insurance coverage.

If you are working with a discount insurance provider and do not have your own agent, get a copy of your policy to view the coverage for yourself. There may be additional covered services, such as mold remediation or ALE – Additional Living Expenses, and sometimes those discount insurance providers neglect to tell you this.

Ask your insurance company what you need to do to get your roof replaced in a timely manner. This may include documenting the type of damage, noting the date and time, and taking photos, for instance. Collect that evidence and be sure to submit it with your claim. To completely replace a roof, for instance, some insurance companies want you to get estimates from at least three different roofing companies. All of them must stipulate that a replacement, not a simple repair, is necessary.

If it becomes clear that you’ve been doing all you can to maintain your roof right along, and that you didn’t cause the damage, and that your roof did not need replacement prior to the storm damage, then you have a good chance of your insurance company covering the replacement. Always check in advance when it comes to exclusions just to be safe.

What Happens When Homeowners Insurance Refuses to Cover Roof Replacement?

Old roofing won’t be covered under many policies, as it is already very near to replacement anyway, at the owner’s expense. Age restrictions will depend on your specific policy, but any roof that is 20 years or older probably won’t qualify, at least as it relates to the first layer of roofing that’s in place. Most roofs can have two shingle layers – any more than that and your insurer may have the loophole they want to be able to reject your claim.

This is because, in their eyes, it shows a lack of basic maintenance on your part, the homeowner. Things that may bolster your case:

  • Records that show you’ve had regular inspections and repair work.
  • Photo evidence.
  • Posts on social media regarding you clearing out leaves.
  • Evidence of trimming trees.

These may all be necessary to justify a roof replacement. But even then, there are no guarantees. It will all depend on your type of roof cover. For example, slate roofing often requires a rider due to the higher costs.

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