4 Things to Know Before Installing a Skylight

The addition of a skylight to your home can bring with it many benefits, not the least of which is extra natural light that floods the space. As such, you can lower your energy bills because you don’t need to use as many lights. Plus, skylights open up any room, making it seem bigger and … Continue reading “4 Things to Know Before Installing a Skylight”

What New Homeowners Should Know About Their Roof

What New Homeowners Should Know About Their Roof If you recently purchased a home, or are even in the house hunting process, there are certain things you should know about the roof. As the main line of defense for the home, a roof should never be overlooked — even if it doesn’t give you that “wow” … Continue reading “What New Homeowners Should Know About Their Roof”

What’s Posing a Danger to Your Roof?

  Overhanging trees…buildup of algae and moss…moisture…all of these occurrences can damage your roof and you won’t even know it until it’s too late. While your roof may be relatively new, it can fall victim to the surrounding environment, temperature extremes, animals and more. Check out the many factors that can contribute to roof damage … Continue reading “What’s Posing a Danger to Your Roof?”

Basics of Cold Weather Roofing

While Texas temperatures are quite mild much of the year, temps do dip below 30 a handful of days per year. While roof replacement and repair is best left for warmer months, sometimes circumstances arise that precipitate the need for more timely service. That said, roofing in cold weather presents its own set of challenges, … Continue reading “Basics of Cold Weather Roofing”

5 Causes of Roof Repair for Fort Worth Residents

From weather to pesky critters, there are many reasons why your Roof Repair Fort Worth TX may experience damage over the years. Some things — like making sure you choose a reputable roofer to ensure the use of quality materials — are within your control, while others are not, especially when it comes to Mother … Continue reading “5 Causes of Roof Repair for Fort Worth Residents”

The Challenges of Flat Roofing

Whether your business already has a flat roof and you’re looking for the best ways to maintain it, or you’re considering a new flat roof, it’s wise to know the challenges inherent in this type of roofing. It comes with far more challenges than sloped roofs, such as ponding and weight considerations. Knowing these risks … Continue reading “The Challenges of Flat Roofing”