The Benefits of Roof Restoration

If you are a business owner who operates a commercial building, the last thing you need to deal with is a repair, leak or some other issue pertaining to your roof. But if you let small issues go for too long, you can pave the way for larger, more costly roof issues resulting in water damage, rot, and more.

If a total roof replacement isn’t in the budget right now, you may want to consider a roof restoration. This is a more affordable option that is often times just as effective at fixing concerning issues.

Why Roof Restoration?

Not everyone is a candidate for roof restoration, but many are. Check out the advantages of roof restoration for your commercial building.

No Costly Roof Replacement

The cost of fixing an aging or failing roof is very high, especially if you have a large structure. But if you opt for a roof restoration instead, you will save yourself a bunch of money. Sometimes, of course, a roof replacement is the only option. But if your roofer says you’re a good candidate for restoration, go with this choice.

To put it in perspective, roof replacement typically costs $26 per square foot, while roof restoration costs $9 per square foot.

Environmentally-Friendly Solution

Because roof restoration requires fewer materials, the amount of waste is greatly reduced. The process of restoration uses as much of the existing roof as possible, compared with roof replacement which requires the removal of all old materials and adding new ones.

Longer Roof Life

Roof coatings are added during a restoration to better withstand the elements such as rain and hail. By adding this coating and providing all necessary maintenance, you could potentially extend the life of your roof by up to 15 years.

Better Building Safety

Any building with a roof in disrepair is a potential safety risk to all occupants. Leaks that go unchecked can lead to mold growth, which can lead to health complications. All that moisture can also lead to rot, which compromises the structural integrity of your building.

Better Temperature Efficiency

Roof restoration makes your building more economically efficient, particularly when it comes to the reflective coating that protects your roof’s surface from the UV rays of the sun. You enjoy lower energy bills because your building isn’t absorbing as much heat.

Faster Process

It can be costly to close your doors to customers when a roof replacement is going on. You’re losing money and productivity. Not only are roof replacements time consuming, they’re noisy and disruptive. But roof restoration, on the other hand, is a faster, quieter, and less obtrusive process.

Tax Benefits

Taking advantage of tax deductions and credits can save your business lots of money. Did you know that roof restorations are considered “maintenance” when it comes to business expenses? This allows you to claim a big tax deduction. Plus, if you go with eco-friendly roofing options, you can get even more tax credits.

Roof restoration is a viable option for many business owners!

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