Why is Spring the Best Time to Replace Your Roof?

When most homeowners think of spring cleaning, they usually think of interior projects, such as washing curtains, the carpets, and every room top to bottom. What they fail to think about is their home’s exterior, including the roof. But your roof needs TLC too. In fact, as the last line of defense for your home, it’s one of the most crucial aspects of your property.

Using binoculars, check it out from the ground to see if you’re missing shingles or if anything else looks off. If you spot something, call a professional roofing contractor for an official inspection. You could need a roof replacement, and there’s no better time to take this type of project on than spring. Why? We’ll tell you.

1.     More Contractors are Available

Spring tends to be a slower season for roofers than the fall or summer. Many homeowners wait till the heat of summer to schedule their roofing replacement, while others wait till fall to get it done before winter settles in. Roofing contractors’ schedules are more open in the spring, which means you can choose from the times you want, plus the job will likely be finished in a quicker time frame.

If you procrastinate and wait till the end of summer or start of fall, you will have to wait in line like everybody else.

2.      Spring Brings Nice Weather

Spring is an ideal time to perform a project such as a roof replacement, mostly due to the mild weather. For one thing, there’s no cold or even snow to contend with like in winter, and for another, the humidity levels are lower than at the height of the summer season. High humidity can cause moisture damage on roofs, making spring the perfect time to take this on.

Spring brings warmer days, minimizing possible delays due to weather. While some rain is possible here and there, spring weather is generally ideal. Plus, if you’re going with an asphalt shingle roof, the heat from the sun will speed the sealing process along to help them stick. It’s harder to get a good seal in cold weather.

3.     Rates are More Affordable

Because spring is slower for contractors, they’re more likely to give you a better deal on rates. Plus, you’ll have more contractors to choose from so you can shop around a bit before settling on the most reputable company. If you drag your heels and wait till busier seasons, you’ll have to take what you can get.

Because roofing suppliers boost their prices at the start of the busy season, roofing rates for contractors also rise in the late summer and fall.

In conclusion, no one can tell you when is the best time to replace your roof. This is a highly personal decision, as you have to do it when you have the money and when your family can accommodate the disruption. Sometimes, the decision is made for you, such as when you discover a huge leak in late fall prompting you to call a roofer earlier than expected.

Or maybe you got a bonus at work near the holidays and thus have the funds to tackle a roof replacement at that time. But if you have any control over when you repair or replace your roof, it’s best to wait till spring!

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