5 Commercial Roofing Issues You Should Watch Out For

Commercial roofs are no doubt complex systems with several components that need to be monitored. From ponding water to load bearing issues, there are many things that can threaten the integrity of your commercial roof. Even if you have the highest quality roofing system for your business and do your part to maintain it, your roof will still be vulnerable to weather and maintenance issues.

Here are some of the top commercial roofing issues you should be watching out for.

1.  Ponding Water

Ponding water can become a problem, especially when allowed to sit for more than 48 hours. Many flat roofs are prone to ponding, which poses both health risks and structural risks. In fact, just an inch deep of ponding water weighs more than five pounds per square foot, which damages roof layers and even leads to roof collapse in severe cases. Make sure your drainage system is working properly.

2.  Punctures

Penetrations from components such as HVAC systems and vents can lead to exposure of the roof’s membrane, particularly when it comes to singly-ply roof systems. This exposure will welcome damage such as punctures to easily occur. You’re at a greater risk for punctures if your roofing system was not installed properly. This is why it’s important to partner with a reputable commercial roofer for installation.

3.  Load

Foot traffic compromises the load-bearing capacities of your roof. To combat this, only allow authorized personnel to go onto the roof, such as roofing and maintenance crews.

4.  Surface Issues

Built up roofs, or BUR for short, are a kind of asphalt roofing for low-slope or flat roofs. However, common issues include blistering, splitting and ridging, usually due to improper installation. Surface erosion can really take a toll on your roofing material. The sun will bake your roof, and rain and hail will pelt it for long periods of time. All of that weather can degrade your roof and lead to cracking and weathering.

5.  Oversight

Seemingly small issues such as punctures and cracked tiles can soon lead to bigger problems if not fixed immediately. Sometimes, as a busy business owner, roof repairs are neglected and forgotten, but keep in mind those oversights can prove costly in the end.

Most of the above commercial roofing issues could be avoided just by hiring the right contractors to take on your repair or installation project. Reputable roofers, with experience and a stellar track record, should be the only ones allowed to work on your commercial roof.

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