Preparing Your Home for Storm Season in Dallas

The hot weather Dallas is known for has arrived, and with it comes storm season. Hail, heavy rains, blustery winds…these are all a recipe for disaster when it comes to your home and specifically your roof. As a Texas homeowner, you can expect hail and heavy storms right through mid summer, and they often come with a lot of damage.

In fact, Texas leads the nation in catastrophe claims and losses due to wind and hailstorm claims. In 2017, Texas experienced nearly 750 hail events, which is the highest of any other state.

While you can’t prevent hailstorm damage, there are some preventative steps you can take to increase the chances that your property survives intact.

Clean Up Your Roof

Our biggest piece of advice is to not go into storm season with an already-damaged roof. So make sure you replace missing or damaged shingles now. Failing to do this can lead to roof failure and will leave the rest of your home vulnerable. It’s very costly to fix leaks, mold, and structural damage, so make sure your roof’s weak points are inspected and repaired beforehand.

Invest in Better Roofing

If any part of your roof needs replacing, consider investing in impact-resistant roofing such as metal roofing and architectural shingles. Metal roofing is extremely durable and hail-resistant, although it could experience some cosmetic damage in the event of a particularly severe hail storm.

Yes, impact-resistant roofing will cost you more up front, but it will last significantly longer in our area’s extreme weather conditions. Thus, you will save money in the long run. On top of that, most insurance companies offer premium discounts for Class 4 rated roofs.

Protect Against Wind Damage

It’s not just hail that can harm your roof. Things like tree branches and debris can also cause damage. Be sure to do some preventative cleaning and maintenance now.

  • Trim your trees: Check for weak areas, dead limbs and overhanging branches that could fall on your home during any kind of storm.
  • Clear your gutters: Make sure your gutters and drainpipes aren’t clogged with leaves or debris that have built up over winter and spring. Water should be able to efficiently drain from your roof, particularly when hail starts to melt, so no leaks or water damage will occur.

Before a Big Storm

  • Put away your lawn furniture, patio furniture, trampolines, play sets and toys that can all become projectiles in a storm.
  • Cover your windows: Even the smallest hailstone can make chips or cracks in your windows. Storm shutters will protect the glass from shattering, so you may want to consider investing in those. You could also place plywood over the windows, and close interior curtains and blinds so wind won’t blow the glass in. If it’s time to replace your windows, consider investing in wind- and impact-resistant windows.

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