How Does the Weather Affect Dallas Commercial Roofing?

As a business owner, you rely on your roof to protect your customers, employees and inventory. You may think your roof is powerful enough to withstand anything from high wind to extreme heat, but is it? Yes, the weather is out of your control, but there are steps you can take to ensure your commercial roof in Dallas stays free of damage.

Here are some of the weather conditions that could destroy your roof. The key is to act fast and get your roof repaired when necessary to prevent further problems.

Temperature Fluctuations

The rise and fall of temperatures can impact the integrity of your roof, mainly warping. This occurs when excess moisture enters the roof and saps it of its strength.

Temperature fluctuations are a major concern throughout Dallas, where it can be blistering hot in summer and cold in winter with a touch of snow or ice. Check for warping by looking for any leaks. Get them fixed immediately by your local roofer.

High Winds

If you have a shingled commercial roof, those shingles can lift off in very windy conditions. This, in turn, exposes the plywood and under-layers of felt, which are even more likely to break under extreme weather conditions than shingles. If you experience missing shingles after a wind storm, call your trusted roofer. When plywood and felt get weather damaged, they tend to soak with water.


Powerful hail can actually dent your roof, rip through your shingles, and cause water damage. Hail forms holes, which allow water, debris, and glass shards to fall in, compromising your roof. If you find dents and divots in your roofing after a hail storm, get it repaired right away.

Heavy Rain

Water damage is the worst kind of damage, hands down, that can affect your Dallas commercial roof. Water damage can be so severe that you may need to replace the whole roof if you don’t address issues early on. You need powerful support from a quality roof to protect your business against heavy rains.


All Texans know tornadoes are a real possibility, so it’s important to always be prepared. This kind of weather event can easily tear the roof off your structure or decimate your building with a direct hit, or it can also cause collateral damage from fallen debris.

Extreme Heat

Dallas summers are brutal. The air conditioning you’re running constantly can create condensation that in turn traps water. If your A/C unit is on the top of your roof, the unit can cause a leak and result in water damage to your commercial roof.

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