Replacing Your Home’s Roof on a Budget


Most homeowners’ first concern when contemplating a new roof is how much it will cost them. Understandably, a roof is a big investment – probably the biggest investment you will make on your home. As such, you need to be aware of what goes into a roofing project and budget accordingly so you can ensure a smooth process that you can afford.

How to Plan Your Next Dallas Re-Roofing

The roof is one of the most overlooked aspects of a home. In fact, most homeowners are unprepared for roof replacement projects, which can cost thousands of dollars. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of roof replacement projects in this country ranges from $5,347 to $10,538.

By paying attention to your roof’s health now, you will better know when it will be due for replacement. But even with all the proper preparations, it’s wise to look for ways to minimize the associated costs. Come up with a budget of what you can reasonably spend on a roofing home improvement project.

Plan for contingencies, as delays and snafus are possible, due to weather, material availability and contractor availability. Try to avoid making changes after the roof replacement project has begun, which will create delays, to be sure, but will also increase the overall cost. The only changes you should make are those resulting from damages not discovered during the initial inspection.

Create a Project Outline

Proper planning is a vital part to any successful home renovation project. If you don’t have a solid plan moving forward, you could make a foolish decision that you simply can’t sustain financially. When crafting a project outline, consider such factors as:

  • Pitch of the roof
  • Size of your house
  • Severity of any storm damage
  • Desired roofing materials (i.e., asphalt shingles will cost you much less than slate or metal)

Narrow down your choices of roofing contractors to a few and interview each. Get estimates from each of them, making sure you have a breakdown of each line item. Then, compare notes and narrow down your options to the best contractor for your budget and needs.

Consider Financing

In many cases, unforeseen roofing projects just can’t wait. You may not have the cash ready to invest in such a project. For example, perhaps your roof sustained heavy damage by extreme weather and must be replaced immediately. In this case, you’ll have to consider roof financing. Many roofing companies offer financing options to help you pay for your project.

Work With a Professional

You may have meticulously planned your roofing project, but if you don’t choose a proven professional to get the installation done the right way, you will end up facing headaches later due to shoddy workmanship and delays. A reputable roofer will give you a detailed estimate after performing a thorough inspection of your roof. They should also advise you on roofing options that fit your budget.

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