5 Dumb Things People do to Their Roof


You may be doing something (or not doing something) that could potentially harm your roof. There are many misconceptions out there as to how to take care of your roof, and most people don’t think twice about this most essential part of their home until something goes wrong. Sure, there are some things that are out of your control, such as a big storm with high winds, but many things are indeed within your control. How you approach them will make or break how safe and effective your roof is.

Five things people do to compromise their roof:

1. Cleaning the Roof with a High Pressure Washer

You may think the more pressure, the better when it comes to blasting off all that stubborn mildew, mold and algae that can cause staining and streaking. But what you don’t realize is that all that high pressure is actually damaging your roofing material. All that intensity can remove the top layer of protectant on your shingles, metal roofing, slate, etc., putting it at risk of decay. Also, water can get underneath your roofing material and cause leaks. Use a soft wash cleaner or call a professional to do it the right way.

2. Failing to Trim Overhanging Trees

Tree limbs can cause punctures, scrapes and holes in your roof, so be sure to trim them back regularly. Pruning back dead limbs can also prevent them from falling onto your roof and breaking through as a result of bad storms.

3. Failing to Prepare for Storm Season

Hurricane season in Texas stretches from June to November, bringing an average of 12 storms big enough to be named, of which six become hurricanes, according to the Texas Department of Insurance. While trimming your branches back is a part of this preparation, it’s not the only thing you should do. In anticipation of heavy rain, strong winds, hail, and destructive weather, take a good long look at your whole property and tackle the necessary maintenance tasks. Clean out your gutters in the spring and fall, check for leaks and obvious signs of damage, inspect your down pipes and drainage, monitor the structural integrity of your home, and schedule annual inspections with your roofer.

4. Poking Around on Your Own

You may be tempted to check out potential problems and sources of leaks on your own but this is a bad idea. First, it’s unsafe. You shouldn’t be getting up on your roof without the proper equipment and a buddy system, as falls are all too common. Second, you could be doing more damage than you think by looking under shingles and poking around. Don’t ever pull up shingles to try and find the source of a leak. You may put them back wrong and thus introduce the potential for water. You may even create a leak that wasn’t even there! Best to leave this up to the pros, who can use state of the art leak detection equipment.

5. Installing DIY Satellite Dishes and Solar Panels

If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing and don’t have the right safety equipment, this is a bad idea just like #4. Anytime you need to install or change something on your roof, call a professional. It’s that simple, and it can save your life as well as the integrity of your roof. By making holes and drilling screws, you are allowing moisture to get under the roofing material. Call your roofer or the solar panel company and have them do it instead.

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