6 Reasons Fall is the Best Season for Texas Roof Repairs

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Roof work is hard. There’s no way around it: weather, combined with hauling heavy materials up several stories, not to mention working at such heights, can all make for a pretty tough day on the job. If you need residential roofing work done, you may be thinking about calling a Roof Repair contractor. Now is the perfect time, and here are the reasons why fall is the best season.

1. Storm Season is Over

Hail storms and other severe weather can cause some real damage to roofs, which is a pretty common occurrence in summer. Now is when you should take the time to assess the damage that may have occurred over the past few months and have any issues addressed. Typical hail damage includes rupturing of the reinforcing mat and loss of granules exposing the underlying bitumen, says the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes. Both can lead to leaks and a short life span for your roofing system. If you have metal roofing, pits and dings can detract from the appearance of your home.

2. Better Weather Conditions

With summer temperatures easily in the 90s and 100s, roofing can be exhausting, if not downright dangerous. Most roofers will agree they would prefer to work in 45 to 50 degree F temperatures, not just for their own comfort but for the ease of installation. For example, lower temps make it easier to perform thermal sealing of asphalt shingles.

3. Easier Work with Shingles

In colder temperatures that are approaching freezing, shingles get brittle and can break more readily. Instead of using roofing guns, roofers often have to hand nail the shingles, causing more delays and higher overall costs for labor. Performing roofing work in more temperate conditions, such as 50 and 60 degrees F, makes it easier and quicker to install shingles.

4. Proper Bonding Time

With autumn installation, new shingles have enough time to bond to the roof before winter conditions hit. This leads to better insulation for your home, keeping cold air and moisture out.

5. Lower Energy Bills

You can start saving money on heating bills this winter by installing a roof now. Better insulation with a new roof means you can combat those rising energy bills, helping to offset a portion of your repair costs.

6. Greater Availability and Lower Prices

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that waiting till spring will give them a better shot at availability for the contractor of their choice. Not so. The busy season for roofers is typically spring and summer, so you’ll have to wait longer to get the slot you want. Also, many roofers take a vacation in the summer to be with their own families, so you’ll have to contend with vacation schedules too. Booking in fall will give you an advantage over everyone else. You’ll have a greater assortment of appointments to choose from, plus you may even get reduced rates because roofers are entering their slow season and want the business.

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