3 Reasons You Need a Good Gutter System with Your Roof

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Gutters and roofs go hand in hand. One helps the other, and both help the overall structure of your home as well as the surrounding landscaping. Most roofers install gutter systems that complement the Residential Roofing fort worth they just installed. The importance of gutters simply can’t be underestimated. Your gutter system should be capable of diverting thousands of gallons of water off the roof every time it rains while at the same time keeping that water from pooling around your foundation and causing erosion. A functional drainage system will increase your efficiency of rain diversion while also decreasing the need for regular gutter cleaning and maintenance.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to having gutters is that they protect your roof. But not just any gutters will do. You need clog-resistant ones that don’t need constant upkeep and cleaning. Clogs are heavy and this extra weight can pull on your home and your roof, necessitating unexpected roof repairs that can be quite costly.

Here are three other reasons why gutters are important.

1. Prevent Damage to Foundation: If you have a basement, your foundation must stay dry. A leaking basement can occur if rainwater is allowed to pool at the foundation. Leaking can quickly lead to flooding, and then you have a bigger problem on your hands. Not only are you introducing a breeding ground for mold, you’re also damaging the structure of your home. In addition, if you don’t have gutters to divert water properly away from the base of your foundation, that rainwater may accumulate in puddles, buckets and other containers you may have lying around. Mosquitoes love to breed in stagnant water, posing a health risk to your family.

2. Prevent Damage to Siding: You may not think about the health of your siding in terms of water damage, but it’s a very real possibility. Water that can’t properly divert off your roof may run down behind your siding and cause permanent damage, leading to warping in the case of vinyl siding and rotting in the case of wood siding. In addition, water damage doesn’t look good to potential buyers, meaning it can decrease the value of your home. It also decreases the curb appeal of your home.

3. Prevent Soil Erosion: Without gutters to take rain away from the home, rain water will pound straight down into the soil around your home, as well as bushes, flowers, gardens and shrubs. With such a constant onslaught of cascading water, you will very quickly experience soil erosion that can result in holes and ruts. Say goodbye to your prized plants as they just can’t recover from the beating they take every time it rains. As the soil erodes, it opens up a wider and wider gap between your foundation and the ground, allowing seepage to occur.

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