5 Tips to Keeping Your Roofing Schedule on Track

keep roofing project on track

Deciding to get a new roof is just half the battle. Hiring roofers who will get the job done efficiently and promptly yet thoroughly is key. But with so many issues that can sideline a project of this magnitude, how can you keep it all on a schedule for a successful and on-time finish?

The Importance of a Schedule

The key to keeping your roofing project on schedule is to minimize headaches by staying on track of developments every step of the way. Although your roofer will provide you with a timeline prior to starting the project, it’s empowering to know you can do your part to make sure everything goes smoothly. That said, all the planning in the world can’t avoid problems that crop up due to Mother Nature and many other snafus. With the average cost of new roofs averaging between $18,913 and $34,495, according to Remodeling magazine, you want to make sure your roofing project stays on schedule.

1. Know Your Budget

The final cost of your roof will depend on the materials you choose. Most costly materials such as slate can cost $6,000 to $8,000 per square. In addition to the higher cost, this type of installation takes more diligent, focused, skilled work by your roofer. This can all add days to your schedule, so keep that in mind. Residential asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are installed relatively quickly, with less labor and material costs overall.

2. Choose Materials and Accessories Wisely

From flashing to vents, the more accessories you add on your roof, as well as the number of pitches and decorative accents you add, the higher the cost and the longer the project will take. If sticking to a schedule is important to you, avoid ordering specialty items, as the shipping time will delaying the finished project. Ordering copper gutters, for example, will stretch out your timeline because they require special specifications and ordering processes. If you love custom accents, great! Just keep in mind you’ll also pay for the extension of equipment rentals, such as scaffolding, while waiting for those items to come in.

3. Stay on Top of Permits and Regulations

Your contractor will have to secure the necessary permits in order to perform work and ensure your home meets building code standards. Allow for the wait times on this, which can range from a few days to a few weeks if there is a delay or problem.

4. Avoid the Busy Season

Like any other industry, roofing has its slow and busy seasons. Consider the time of year in which you schedule your roofing project. For example, spring and summer are busy times for roofers. You may have to wait in line if you miss the boat and schedule your project for the height of the warm weather. It’s best to wait till fall, when your desired roofer has more time to fit you in without rushing.

5. Consider the Unpredictability of Weather

Roofing is one of those industries that can’t really function when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. The spring brings with it lots of rain and mud. The fall brings hurricane season. Every season has its caveat. Plan for a day or two of inclement rain which can preclude your roofer from showing up.

In fact, this is a good rule of thumb for your entire roofing project: plan for the inevitable when crafting your schedule. Who knows, you may even be pleasantly surprised at how smoothly and quickly everything goes!

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